The Effectiveness of the PeopleMap™ Programs

The PeopleMap System is designed to create results that help any organization. Our clients have expressed their success with PeopleMap training through articles, references, videotaped interviews, and personal recommendations.


The Bottom Line … We deliver the results you need!

We do this through developing critical skills that apply to all areas of an organization. Whether it involves leadership, teamwork, conflict resolution, how to improve yourself, focus on a goal and/or finish your work, the PeopleMap System helps. These are core skills that help with everything on the people side of the equation. Our research documents our success at developing these critical skills and causing people to use these skills for years. Available to you is our Impact Survey and the results of this two-year study.

Achieving Sustained Results

The answer is a resounding yes. We have conducted training with nine different companies, with over 525 employees being pre- and post-tested using our Impact Survey. Post-testing occurred immediately after training, three months after training, one year after training, 18 months after training, and two years after training.

People have reported that because of PeopleMap training they:

  • Understand and can communicate with others more effectively.
    A 102% positive increase in effectiveness was reported after training occurred.
  • Are a team player and feel a sense of team cohesion.
    A 60% increase in effectiveness after training was reported.
  • Manage conflicts and disagreements more successfully with others because of understanding their own and others’ personality types.
    This received an 86% positive increase in effectiveness after training.
  • Have more patience with others, less stress, and are more focused and productive at work.
    A 69% positive increase in effectiveness was reported after training occurred.
Results PeopleMap employees image

In addition, 175 supervisors reported that because of PeopleMap training, they are better at the following:

  • Understand the people they supervise and communicate more effectively – a 64% increase.
  • Form a more cohesive team – a 75% increase.
  • Get more results and work productivity from the people they supervise because they understand how to motivate each personality type – a 56% increase.
Results PeopleMap Supervisors image

Substantial Positive Changes

The results of the Impact Surveys strongly support that substantial positive changes occur after PeopleMap training programs have been completed. These changes have to do with creating greater interpersonal effectiveness in a variety of areas: communication, conflict resolution, and job productivity. Up to two years after training, people report significant behavior changes in understanding and relating to others more successfully – there is no doubt that these positive changes will have a lifelong effect.

Validity and Reliability of the PeopleMap Questionnaire

The PeopleMap System has researched both the reliability and the validity of the PeopleMap Questionnaire. We hired an outside source, a test-and-measurements psychologist, to measure its validity (i.e., Does the PeopleMap Questionnaire measure what it purports to measure — the four personality types?) and its reliability (i.e., Will the results be the same if you took the PeopleMap Questionnaire today and again six weeks from now?).

For validity, the PeopleMap personality types of Leader, People, Free Spirit, and Task were compared to comparable types on the Myers–Briggs Type Indicator and the Kiersey Temperament Sorter. The results on over 100 people indicated that the PeopleMap Questionnaire is valid at a statistically significant level.

For reliability, the results were again statistically significant: the vast majority of people, 90%, had identical scores a year apart (based on the 25 people analyzed). The results indicate that the PeopleMap Questionnaire accurately measures personality traits consistently over time.

Please contact us directly if you would like the complete research article on the validity and reliability of the PeopleMap Questionnaire and/or our complete studies of the pre- and post-results of training. Our Certified PeopleMap Trainers are all professionals: licensed mental practitioners, life and executive coaches, clergy, human relations trainers, and/or consultants. All have received extensive training in the PeopleMap System to be classified as one of our certified trainers.