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Connect with others better and lead a more successful life.

The PeopleMap™ System is designed to develop your people skills. These skills apply to all areas of your life – at work, home, and in all your relationships. This fun, simple and easy to use program gives you a map that creates effective relationships and helps you solve conflict to work with others to reach your goals. With PeopleMap, you will understand the four personality types, identify your personality type with our online assessment, and connect with one of our certified trainers who help you and your employees use this knowledge effectively.

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The PeopleMap Personality Types

There are four core personality types: Leader, People, Free Spirit, and Task. Each type has three in-born strengths, as well as a weak spot that we refer to as the Achilles Heel. When understood, the Achilles Heel can be turned into a learned strength. As a result, each personality type has specific areas they need to address in their own growth and development to perform at their highest level.

The PeopleMap System

This integrated series of interpersonal effectiveness training seminars is for every level of your organization. Our goal is to provide your company with training programs that will allow your employees to work 100% successfully with each other and to perform at their very best level.

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The PeopleMap System of Training and Development

Our certified trainers excel in the development of your employees’ people skills to complement their technical skills and abilities. We help people become their best, so they maximize their potential. Through helping people understand their personality type, we achieve both relationship and individual development.

We build better working relationships at all levels of your organization: management and staff, team members with co-workers, customer service and client/patient satisfaction, your sales force, and the executive team.