PeopleMap hero

With a brief overview of the four PeopleMap™ personality types, we hope you begin to see the value in knowing who you are so you may better connect with others and lead a more successful life at work and with friends and family.


Leader types are accomplishment oriented. They like to get things done in the most efficient and timely manner possible. To this end, they like to take control and be in charge. They also like to succeed in everything they undertake, and work hard to be winners. In relating to others, Leader types are good at the “hard” people skills of being assertive, problem-solving, competitive, and telling others what needs to be done. Their weakness can be the “soft” people skills. They often have difficulty delegating authority, compromising and listening to others.


People types are people-oriented and are best at relating to and communicating with others. They are driven by their need for closeness and intimacy, self-growth and self-understanding, and creative expression. People types are excellent at the “soft” people skills of listening, praise, positive reinforcement, support, and encouragement. Their greatest difficulty can be their weakness in the “hard” people skills of being assertive, dealing with interpersonal conflict, and putting themselves first when that is what is called for. 

Free Spirit

Free Spirit types like freedom. They are fun loving, independent and autonomous. Their desire for freedom is expressed by their need for adventure, a good time, and the desire to do things their own way. Free Spirit types are good at handling a crisis, dealing with change, and being trouble-shooters. Their weakness is having difficulty sticking with a task once it becomes boring and routine. They can start many projects but complete few and have little patience for schedule and routines. 


Task types are hard-working folks who like to keep busy. They are punctual, meticulous, and dedicated to getting work done on time. They like a structured lifestyle, are dependable and reliable, and enjoy routine and detailed work. Task types, however, can have difficulty coping with change; they can become inflexible and can resist new ways of doing things.