More than 500,000 people have completed a PeopleMap™ Questionnaire and gone through one of our PeopleMap programs on communication styles, leadership team building, and peak performance. All our programs are strengths based with an emphasis on positive psychology. In addition, our programs are taught by our Certified PeopleMap Trainers.

Although our original founder is no longer with us, we wanted to share a letter he once wrote to all of you.

Michael Lillibridge, Ph.D. image

Hello, I am E. Michael Lillibridge, Ph.D.  I am a licensed psychologist, marriage and family therapist, executive coach, and president/founder of the PeopleMap System. I am excited to share our revolutionary approach on how to understand and work effectively with all the people in your life.

This process began in 1989, when I co-developed the PeopleMap Personality Questionnaire with Andrew Mathis, Ph.D. What makes this questionnaire unique is that it only has seven questions, takes only three minutes to complete, and has a 95% accuracy of measuring the four primary personality types we call Leader, People, Free Spirit and Task.

If you take the time to incorporate these ideas of Leader, People, Free Spirit and Task into your life, it can enhance your success and the quality of all your relationships. 

In the absence of Dr. Lillibridge, his business partner of 20 years, Mrs. Linda DeFrancisco continues to grow the company providing the same PeopleMap materials that she and Dr. Lillibridge spent years together developing. All PeopleMap training materials complement the PeopleMap Assessment providing extensive applications on how to enhance your life with better communication skills.

Connect with others better and lead a more successful life.