We offer four PeopleMap™ Programs. Each seminar provides hands-on training, role-playing exercises, group discussion, and a book and workbook authored by Dr. Lillibridge.

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PeopleMap Basic Program: Understanding Yourself and Others

Providing the foundation for success, this is a one-day program designed to teach participants a simple and efficient way to work effectively with all relationships in their life. It includes a valuable method toward attaining peak personal performance. The program is fun, highly interactive, and skills based. Participants have expressed that this training has provided them with skills that help all other areas of their lives and has given employees the ability to focus on work and avoid interpersonal conflicts that distract them from their job.

These next three programs build upon the concepts and language of the basic training.

PeopleMap Leadership Teambuilding Program

Create success at every level in your organization. This program is taught with a straightforward approach to the complicated dynamics of providing effective leadership within an organization. Training addresses a method of creating vision, developing people skills, creating momentum, addressing the bottom line, dealing with crisis, and dealing with growth. These skills work at each level in your organization and create success in all departments. This training program adds the necessary components for success at any level of leadership. 

PeopleMap Peak Performance

Our vision includes helping every level of your organization excel at setting and achieving results. As we build skills for each employee, issues such as personality style, motivation, procrastination, and self– image become more important in achieving goals that move the company forward. This program teaches these critical skills for setting and achieving goals.

PeopleMap Executive Coaching

Many people in leadership positions struggle with specific issues related to their role. Through coaching, leaders become more aware of how to apply the knowledge gained through the PeopleMap System for their particular circumstances. Success in leadership is the culmination of many skills involving vision, planning, relationships, creativity, and follow-through. We provide a forum for individuals to fine-tune their skills and experience success in each realm of their leadership role.